Idiosyncratic Ruby


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Documenting lesser-known features in Ruby

Transcendental Edition

Transcendental Ruby Imbroglio Contest

2013 + 2015

Example Entry

2nd Place in 2015 by Shinichiro Hamaji

Most Readable

begin with an easy program.
you should be able to write
a program unless for you,
program in ruby language is
too difficult. At the end
of your journey towards the
ultimate program; you must
be a part of a programming
language. You will end if
you != program

Challenge 1

4th Place in 2015 by Benoit Daloze

Least general solver

Challenge 2

1st Place in 2013 by kinaba

Best pangram

Challenge 3

1st Place in 2015 by kinaba

Best piphilology

This was Ruby Quiz

Transcendental Edition