Changing the Rules

Ruby allows you to change key functionality of the language. This means, it is also possible to break key functionality! Six examples of Ruby code you should never use:

Undefining Core Methods

The simplest way to change Ruby's global behavior is monkey patching: Nothing stops you from altering important core methods:

class Module; undef append_features; end

This line will break the ability to mix-in modules:

Math.sin 42 # => -0.9165215479156338
include Math
# NoMethodError: undefined method `append_features' for Math:Module

Everything nil

No more NoMethodError: undefined method or NameError: uninitialized constant:

class BasicObject
  def self.const_missing(*)

  def method_missing(*)

Nothing will fail, anymore. Not a good idea. Also see: Hopeless Egocentricity

IDio.synCRATIC # => nil

Alternative Hash Access Semantics

You can redefine hash semantics, to raise an error, if a key was not found:

class Hash
  alias [] fetch

Now you will always get KeyError instead of nil:

{ "Idiosyncratic": "Ruby" }["Sane"]
# `fetch': key not found: "Sane" (KeyError)

You could argue that this is much cleaner than the normal semantics, but you won't be compatible with the rest of the world.

Manipulate Global Randomness

Don't use Kernel#rand, Array#shuffle or Array#sample. Always use SecureRandom!

srand 84 # => (something)
rand 100 # => 42

Change a Global Default Separator

Four of Ruby's special two-letter globals are called record separators and they affect the behaviour of various methods in Ruby:

Variable Name Default Examples for Methods Affected
$; (Input) Field Separator nil String#split
$, Output Field Separator nil Array#join
$/ Input Record Separator "\n" Kernel#gets, IO#readlines
$\ Output Record Separator nil Kernel#print, IO#write

Not only your own code is affected, but also core functionality. For example, changing the default output separators also changes Ruby's error messages:

>> $, = "YIKES"
>> 123abc
SyntaxErrorYIKES: YIKES(irb):2: syntax error, unexpected tIDENTIFIER, \
expecting end-of-inputYIKES
  from /home/user/.rvm/rubies/ruby-2.2.2/bin/irb:11:in `<main>'YIKES

Disabling Garbage Collection

Be careful! This might cause your machine to freeze or even worse!

100_000_000.times.each{ |i| "#{i}" }

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