Fixed Numbers

A quick reminder that number literals in Ruby can be pretty fancy!

Example Evaluates To Class Purpose
0x10 16 Integer Integers in hexadecimal (0-16) format
0o10¹ 8 Integer Integers in octal (0-8) format
0b10 2 Integer Integers in binary (0-1) format
1e1000 Float::INFINITY Float Floats in exponential notation
1i (0+1i)² Complex Shorthand for creating complex numbers
3/6r (1/2)² Rational Shorthand for creating rational numbers
0_0 0 any Visually separate digits

¹ Also: 010
² While the representation of a complex number (e.g. (0+1i)) is a valid way to create the same number again, this is not true for (1/2) which will just evaluate to 0³. Also note that the r only makes the 6 a rational, which in turn "rationalizes" the result. An equivalent way of expressing the same fraction would be 3r/6
³ Except when you require "mathn"

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